Russian restaurant Datscha
The legendary restaurant in Friedrichshain

Datscha – Russian cuisine in Berlin

The “Datscha” (dacha) is a country house or holiday home, it can be as small as an allotment or as grand as a villa. The constitution of the Soviet Union, granted its citizens the right to rest and leisure. To this day many Russians who live in the major cities exercise this right: they go to the dacha.

At the time of the Soviet Union the dacha—the cottage in the green—was the very personal dream of happiness for most Russians: There weren’t any trips abroad. On the dacha one could relax from the big city life, from work or university stress and was able to choose one's favourite activities, carry them out for as long as one wishes to, and share them with friends and family.

Dacha, in this sense, is also the lifestyle of its owners.


Menu Highlights

Russkaya Zakuska

russian appetizers


Овощи свеженькие


served with bread

Russian Crêpes


Russian dumplings

Main courses

аппетит приходит во время еды

Home made desserts

сладкая жизнь